Our Process

For established companies & products:

At Red Fox, we are experts at replicating and quoting established products or new products that will be introduced. We pride ourselves in being flexible yet thorough, and working with you to expedite the process. Many of our customers have initially started with one product or one order, and now order many of their goods from Red Fox.

We are adept at completing Supplier Evaluations, sharing our quality system documentation, and working with you to understand your product requirements. Typical information we request includes specifications, engineering drawings, acceptability criteria, and annual order volume estimates. Upon transfer of information, we will produce first articles in order to qualify us as a supplier and provide accurate pricing.

For raw materials and subassemblies, arrangements can be made for Red Fox to source and procure or alternatively for our customers to provide the necessary materials. With plenty of warehouse space, we are able to store and protect customer-owned material and have ample capacity to handle most jobs. 

Lastly, our customers have commonly asked us to expand our capabilities to encompass a greater portion of their supply chain. In those cases, we are happy to partner with you to aggressively pursue such opportunities.




For startups, or New product development:

Q. I have a new product idea and a rough prototype. i am now looking for a manufacturer to bring my idea to reality. What do I need to get started?

A. Typically, a product that still needs refinement or is not yet mass-production-ready is considered a development project. A product that is ready for mass production is said to be "Frozen" (ie. every detail is finalized and unchanging). Elements to a Frozen product include: design details finalized, materials and components selected, materials sourced and vendors selected, and digital patterns/drawings created. If you aren't 'there' yet, don't worry - we can help.

Development costs can vary greatly from product to product, so it is best to contact us HERE for more information or an estimate.


Q. my design is complete/frozen and i am looking for a quote & lead times. how does that work?

A. In the case of a product ready for mass production (or perhaps you are already having it made somewhere else), we typically need the following: digital drawings, a sample of the product, and enough material to make 5-10 samples. After reviewing the sample you submit, we will provide a preliminary quote and typically ask that you draft a Purchase Order for an agreed upon quantity of samples. In some cases, this cost can be waived and varies by circumstance. Rest assured, our rates for quoting purposes are extremely reasonable.


Q. do you have minimum order quantities?

A. We do not have minimum order quantities; however, we do have minimums depending on the value of your product. One of our passions is helping fellow entrepreneurs succeed, so are happy to have a conversation about your business regardless of the quantities you are wanting to order.


Q. what types of products can you manufacture?

A. For the most part, we have seen just about every category of product or type of fabric/material that needs to be cut and sewn. If by chance we do not have the necessary equipment to make your product, we are always expanding our capabilities.


Q. i have a unique and/or patented product. How can I be sure I stay protected while transferring my product information to you while we work together?

A. We take confidentiality very seriously. A common practice is for both parties to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Beyond an NDA, we do not discuss our customers or products with anyone outside of Red Fox and have a 24/7 secure facility.


Q. what is your capacity? Can you handle my production volumes? What are your lead times?

A. We pride ourselves in setting honest expectations and meeting required lead times. We have dozens of machines and employees, and a large, modern and clean facility. For the most part, our lead time is less than 4 weeks, although this is highly dependent on current workload and the volume/labor requirements of your product. We are also known to turn around last minute orders in a few days (or less) when possible.


Q. Do you stock fabrics or other materials? If so, what types?

A. Typically, each product is made to order which means that a specific material is sourced and brought in just for your product. We do carry representative samples of many different types of fabrics, hook and loop, foams, plastics, etc. In many cases, we can build representative samples for you with what we have in stock.


Q. How much will my product cost?

A. The cost of each product is dependent on the labor time required to make each unit. That is why it is important to make samples / first articles up front. Typically, we provide a preliminary quote and ask that you order the samples at the preliminary cost estimate. 


Not seeing what you were looking for? Don't hesitate to contact us.