Red Fox is your preferred industrial sewing contractor as all sewing and manufacturing is managed on site with no take home sewing. This allows us to provide the highest level of quality, service and lowest cost, as well as providing you excellent customer service and real-time feedback on how your project is progressing. 

Standard Industrial Sewing Machines

Industrial sewn goods can require many different machine types and materials depending on your unique project. We carry a wide variety of industrial sewing equipment that gives us the ability to sew with many types of stitches.

Programmable Sewing Machines

In addition, we carry large format programmable sewing machines that can sew complex patterns with precision and far less labor, where standard machines might provide less accuracy or efficiency. Our expertise lies in selecting and applying state of the art cut/sew technology and manufacturing methods to optimize cost, quality and repeatability for our customers.

Programmable Sewing Machine

We have the capabilities to provide cut and sew contracting services for many types of products and materials, including plastics, canvas, vinyl, textiles, leather, medical devices, military sewn products, apparel, banners and promotional materials, heavy duty strapping and bags/carrying cases. Our capacity ranges from prototyping to small batch orders to 1000s of units per week, always within the lead time you require.

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