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Find out why Red Fox is a trusted name in the cut and sew contract manufacturing industry. If you have any questions about our services or want to talk about how we might work together, please reach out and we'll be happy to assist.

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  • What types of products do you manufacture? Do you manufacture apparel?
    We have manufactured thousands of unique products, so in general if your product requires cutting and sewing, we can do it. One caveat is that we do not manufacture apparel or similar fashion accessories due to the seasonal nature and SKU turnover typical in this industry.
  • What is your capacity and lead times?
    We have two factories in Minnesota and Texas, along with ~ 200 employees and many specialized machines meant to maximize production capacity and efficiency. We can support high volume production and manufacture in excess of 1 million products annually. Lead times are dependent on a number of factors, including raw material availability and labor/equipment scheduling. Most importantly, lead times can be shortened by effective collaboration between Red Fox and our customers to plan demand forecasts well in advance. Blanket orders with release dates are effective and our most common arrangement with our customers. Brand new products may take a bit longer, as other up-front work may need to be performed, such as acquiring custom tooling and new materials, developing work instructions, training, and obtaining first article approval. Production ramp-up can usually be achieved in 2-3 months.
  • How much will my product cost? What information do you need to quote my product?
    The cost of each product is dependent on the raw materials and labor time required to make each unit. We can often provide preliminary (budgetary) estimates with incomplete information, but to provide firm quotes, we need to create a costed bill of materials (BOM) and gather labor cycle times. Typically we will build ~ 5 units as first articles and to gather labor times, and then provide you with a firm quote.
  • I would like to request a quote for my product. What information do you require? How much do you charge?
    To provide firm quotations, we require a 'tech pack' or similar. A tech pack should include information such as: - bill of materials listing vendor sources and usage per unit - cut patterns - high quality artwork files (e.g. logos, tags, etc) - step-by-step construction method - quality criteria - SKU range (sizes, colors) and estimated annual volume (EAU) If you do not have all of this information, we can help fill in the gaps. Development charges may apply, which will be communicated to you and approved by you ahead of time. If we feel the opportunity is a good investment for us, we do not charge for quotations.
  • What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
    The short answer is - we do not have MOQs since products vary so greatly in terms of complexity and labor inputs. However, our scale does require us to have consistent-volume work over the long term. We evaluate a number of factors to determine whether your product is a good fit for us and vice versa. Factors we consider include how established your company is, what your desired initial order volume would be, how many units you forecast to sell over time, and how much information you can provide that is required to manufacture the product.
  • Do you stock fabrics and other raw materials? Do you purchase materials or do I need to provide them?
    While we do stock many raw materials, typically a product is made-to-order which means that raw materials are purchased just for your company. Since we do stock some common raw materials and have a large library of sample materials, we can often manufacture prototypes with what we have in stock. We offer our customers the ability to purchase and drop ship materials to us, but the most common arrangement is for Red Fox to purchase raw materials directly from the source and build the material costs into the per unit pricing. Our customers don't have to play middle-man, and we often receive favorable pricing. In this case, we require a purchase order commitment from our customer that will consume those goods.
  • I have a patent-pending product or confidential information that I need to protect. How can I be assured that the information I share is protected?
    We take confidentiality very seriously. A common practice is for both parties to sign a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Beyond an NDA, we do not discuss our customers or products with anyone outside of Red Fox, unless approved by our customer to reach out to a prospective vendor, etc. We commonly establish NDAs with our suppliers as well.
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