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Fabric Swatch Samples

Textiles / Fabrics

We know the industry. We have worked with and can help you source and select countless varieties of textiles and fabrics milled in the USA and abroad, including:

  • Open and closed cell foam laminates 

  • Spacer meshes and stretch or non-stretch meshes

  • Neoprene in a variety of thicknesses, finishes and perforations

  • Cordura, ballistic laminates, PU laminates - Hook-compatible wide format loop and UBL fabrics- 4 way stretch lycra / spandex

  • Nonwovens and felts

  • Natural fiber woven and knitted fabrics

  • Custom printed fabrics

  • Fabric adhesive or foam laminates

Foam Expertise


We commonly source open cell foams, closed cell foams, bun form foam sheets skivved to any desired thickness, foam on rolls, foams of varying properties and densities, and also foam laminates via pressure sensitive adhesives or flame bonding. We also have a depth of experience creating custom molded or shaped foam components via processes such as thermoforming.

Buckle and Hardware Sourcing Services

Buckles, Zippers & Closure Systems

We work directly with major brand name hardware and component manufacturers. We can source nearly any type of plastic hardware with Berry Compliant USA-made and international suppliers available from major brands. Military and tactical products are one of our specialties. We source zippers of all types and colors, with unique features available including water resistant or weldable zippers. We are on the forefront of technology, offering unique magnetic or tensioning closure systems. We know how to make a product fit and interact with the product, system and user.

Narrow Roll Goods

Narrow Roll Goods

We have sources for a countless array of narrow goods, including:

  • webbings such as nylon, polypropylene, polyester, custom sublimation prints, seatbelt weaves, military spec, tubular, cotton and natural fibers

  • tapes and binding

  • custom slit binding - straight cut or bias cut

  • elastics - natural latex or latex-free, hook compatible

  • hook and loop - molded, woven, special laminates, with a variety of sheer and peel strength applications

  • cordage, paracord and many other styles

Metal Stay Manufacturing Services

Plastics, Metals & More

With diverse in-house capabilities, we are able to convert a wide variety of materials and can often be a one-stop-shop. If your product requires capabilities that we do not carry in-house, we have a strong network of partners in adjacent industries who can help. 

Navigating the industry's supply chain, MOQs, lead times and finding the right supplier can be a challenge. We have partnerships with a network of hundreds of suppliers to make the process easier. With a large collection of samples on hand, odds are we have seen it, used it or know where to get it. Our experience allows us to make smart recommendations and our reputation allows us to buy directly from the source and provide economies of scale.

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